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Cobalt review

Cobalt isn’t the kind of game I expected from the name that brought us Minecraft. Any

A Boring, Well-Attended Party

The original Project X Zone is a beast of a cameo machine, and the follow-up is

Lego Marvel’s Avengers review

At first glance, Lego Marvel’s Avengers assembles the right team. Continuing developer TT Games’ history of

Crafting Given Structure

We’ve seen no shortage of crafting-focused survival games in recent years, in which a plucky hero

Gabbin’ In The Woods

When Henry gets into his truck and heads from Colorado to Wyoming, he’s looking to escape

Firewatch review

Firewatch is a story of a lonely man in a big country, presented as a series

Unravel review

For all its aesthetic strengths, Unravel isn’t knit together very well. In its debut at 2015’s

A Poignant Journey With An Endearing, Undersized Hero

Yarn-based characters have been a surprising trend in recent years, thanks to playful platformers like Kirby's

Resistance Might Be Futile, But It’s Fun

XCOM has never pulled its punches. The series has continually pitted hapless humans against a blitzkrieg

American Truck Simulator review

American Truck Simulator didn’t feel like home, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Living