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Mass Effect: Andromeda Writer Leaves BioWare

Mass Effect: Andromeda lead writer Chris Schlerf confirmed today that he has left BioWare Montreal and

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Mass Effect: Andromeda lead writer leaves BioWare for Bungie

Promises new title will “blow people away” After joining BioWare less than five months ago, Mass

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With every new fighting game release comes a wave of new players, most of whom claim

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Cobalt isn’t the kind of game I expected from the name that brought us Minecraft. Any

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With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up.

Destiny getting line of Mega Bloks toys this year

Ride around on your own little Sparrow Mega Bloks is working on a line of Destiny

Daily Deals: Fallout 4, Loot Crate, Xbox One With $100 Gift Card

Fallout 4 for $40 If you still haven’t left your vault to explore the wasteland, here’s

Street Fighter 5 receives SteamOS support this spring

Putting that Steam Controller to use Capcom will add SteamOS and Linux compatibility to Street Fighter

Shooter Jennings to premiere new album inside a video game

In what could likely be classified as “the news you least expected to hear today,” outlaw